November 21, 2015: Songs for Presidents is pleased to present “Total Styrene: True Believer,” an afternoon of performances based on contingency and experimentation by jazz musician Alex Huberty, sculptor and video artist Michelle Jaffe, artist Elisa Lendvay, sound collaborative Padtech, dancer/choreographer Daniel Roberts, artist Jacob Robichaux and artist Lizzie Scott. Curated by Lizzie Scott and Josh Blackwell, “Total Styrene: True Believer” both complements and elaborates on the work currently on view in their exhibition “Drifters, Neveruses.” Although the performances come from a wide variety of disciplines, each takes a kindred
approach to making things. The artists work with their materials – whether sound, movement, video, spoken words, art objects, audience, or the space of the room – in a responsive and improvisational manner. Padtech is a sonic duo (David Galbraith/James Galbraith) exploring structured and improvised rhythm, drone and noise using custom analog synths and percussion
instruments. Michelle Jaffe will present an excerpt from Neural Soul Junk, mixing video and spoken word to explore raw emotions, power and intent conveyed and betrayed by the human voice and facial expression, placing the audience inside a metaphorical mind at work. Lizzie Scott, working in collaboration with Elisa Lendvay, seeks a partnering of equals between performers and “Drifters” ­­ objects made of scavenged packaging materials, textiles, and paint. Daniel Roberts will present short passages of movement choreographed in response to Josh Blackwell’s “Neveruses” artworks. Jacob Robichaux will present an ephemeral, participatory activity that will engage the audience in a series of coordinated and disorderly directives using a selection of props and chance operations.
The Total Styrene Experience is Lizzie Scott’s roving laboratory for interdisciplinary experimentation and performance. The project aims to carve out a temporary space of generosity and abundance in resistance to the competition and scarcity that defines current art
In keeping with The Total Styrene Experience’s mission of modeling an alternative artworld based on generosity and abundance, the gallery will serve food and drinks during intermissions throughout the afternoon. The Total Styrene Experience is a sponsored project of the New York Foundation for the Arts.